Catfish for Dinner ···

According to National Geographic, Lewis & Clark first encounter the Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle on July 29, 1806 “at the confluence of the Tongue and Yellowstone Rivers at present-day Miles City, Custer County, Montana”.


On June 22, 2012, Gustin White of Memphis, TN caught this softshell turtle at Horseshoe Lake near Hughes, Arkansas. He was fishing with his grandfather for catfish using yo-yos and worms when the turtle took the bait. Piers are high over Horseshoe Lake, so Gustin used a retractable fishing net (pictured here) to reach the water level and pull in the turtle.

While Ernest A. Liner author of “The Culinary Herpetologist” has many historical and interesting recipes for the preparation of turtles for dinning, Gustin took a catch-and-release approach so no turtle soup for us. It’s catfish for dinner.

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