Mellow Melodies of Fall

Sailboat_FarmFieldBurn_frameThe days are getting shorter and the music is getting richer. Here are a few of our favorite Fall tunes to enjoy dock-side with your favorite beverage at sunset.

— “These Are The Days'” by Van Morrison

— “Toes'” by Norah Jones

— “Pastures of Plenty” by Alison Krauss & Union Station

— “Soul Of A Sailor'” by Kenny Chesney

— “Waiting For The Weather To Break” by Kate Campbell

— “Silent Sea'” by KT Tunstall

— “There’s Something Sexy About The Rain'” by Kenny Chesney

Let us know what songs are your favorites for fall.

— — —

Curious about the picture above? Our home lake is surrounded by rich delta farm land. In the fall, some of the farmers burn off their harvested wheat fields in preparation for the coming season. This practice is alarming to some people and a long-standing, necessary task to others. I will not take sides as I’m not as educated in this area as others — and believe me I’ve met more land-loving, good-ole-boy, farmers that hold PhDs than you’d believe.

So the argument left to others, the site of the crisp white sailboat on the horizon coupled with the wheat burning rising amidst the glorious cloud-filled sky was the perfect image of fall on our home lake.