Rain Happens … Don’t Be Bored

LGG_TicTacToe_frameJust when you want to hit the water, it comes pouring down. But rain and cold weather shouldn’t keep you from fun with family and friends. Lake time can be just as enjoyable indoors.

Below are a few of our favorite activities for getting away from the computer and enjoying rainy days. IMG_3856

A dear friend introduced us to the fun of origami. It is challenging, relaxing and the results are quite beautiful.

Here’s two books that appealed to us (click images to get more information):

Origami Masters: Bugs: How the Bug Wars Changed the Art of Origami    Origami for Beginners: The Creative World of Paper Folding

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Puzzles make a perfect gathering spot for all ages. At the dinning table or in front of the fireplace, conversation and deeper connections grow.

Visit the SHOP FOR GOODS Rainy Days page for more puzzle fun.

Around our house, we like the traditional games — DOMINOES, CHECKERS, and TIC-TAC-TOE.


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You may want to cook up some fun too. Visit our GOOD EATS page for a quick and easy Marshmallow Popcorn Balls RECIPE.